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A range of services at Baraati Inc are designed to transform your special day into an extraordinary, seamless, and unforgettable experience. We embark on this mission with unwavering dedication, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding is meticulously thought of , planned & curated.

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On-Day Management & Coordination

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This service focuses on seamlessly executing your wedding plans. Commencing 30 to 45 days before your big day, we collaborate closely with you, gathering details of vendors and agencies involved. If you've independently planned your wedding, our coordinator steps in to manage vendors, set up, and the timeline. This on-site presence allows you to relish the day, assured that a professional oversees logistics. Think of it as project management – we ensure all pieces align, standards are met, and everything runs smoothly. In essence, we work behind the scenes, ensuring your wedding is both enjoyable and meticulously organized for you and your guests.

Concept planning & Decor Designing

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Don't let wedding planning stress you out. Let our Baraati Planner on Call service handle the heavy lifting with personalized online consultations. We work with you to create a customized plan tailored to your unique wedding vision. Contact us today to schedule your online consultation.

Concept Planning & Decor Designing

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This service goes beyond aesthetics, delving into the essence of the bride and groom's unique personalities. We handpick props, linen, and furnishings, curating each element meticulously. Crafting mood boards and spatial layouts, our team of architects and designers collaborates to bring thoughtful creations to life, reflecting the couple's emotions, sentiments, and personality. We thrive on customization, infusing love into handcrafted elements that make your wedding decor a personalized masterpiece. Elevate your celebration with decor that not only looks stunning but resonates with the very heartbeat of the couple, creating an atmosphere filled with love and individuality.

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